Spooky Season To Do List

If you have been reading my blog, you will know that I love making lists. I feel more fulfilled when I can physically see that I have done the things that I need to do. This goes for anything from tasks at work to doing spooky season activities. Halloween is by far my favorite holiday and favorite time of year so I don’t want to miss anything. Without further ado, here are my spooky season must-do’s.

  1. Go see the new Halloween coming out October 19th! I wrote a blog about the new trailer that came back a little while ago and about how we met Nick Castle (the man behind the Michael mask). I am so excited for this movie because I think it’s going to be incredible.
  2.  Binge watch the Scream series aka my favorite horror movie franchise ever. I love, love these movies. One October, I fell asleep to the movies every night. Don’t worry, I’m not a psycho or anything, I just appreciate a good innovative scary movie.
  3. Study spooky things. I don’t get pegged a nerd for no reason. I love reading and watching documentaries about spooky things. My current interest is the Salem Witch Trials. I’ve been watching YouTubers talk about it and watching the BBC documentary and also the very historically accurate Hocus Pocus. My favorite spooky season thing I’ve read about in years past was from a former friend’s college textbook about Samhain (pronounced Sah-Ween) which is basically the origin story of Halloween. It’s so fascinating for those who enjoy learning the history of things. I highly suggest looking into it.
  4. Pick out a really great Halloween costume. I have an easy go-to Halloween costume and since I didn’t think about it until recently, I’m going to use that idea (my only hint: Head Girl). However, in years past when I’ve had the time to plan it out, I had the best costumes. Some of these included Belle, Black Widow, and Lizzie Borden.
  5. Visit a real life haunted location in your area, or travel to see something really spectacular. About an hour from where I live is Rolling Hills Asylum. I went there a few years back in October and some truly wild stuff happened to me. I grouped up with a couple who were skeptical about the paranormal, but even they agreed that that place was haunted. I highly suggest going somewhere like that. The haunted attractions where people dress up like bloody monsters is good fun, but it’s nothing like seeing the real deal.
  6. Read The Haunting of Hill House so you can watch the new series on Netflix. Maybe you’re not hindered by needing to read something before you watch the book-to-screen rendition of it, but I certainly am. I am really looking forward to it, even if I don’t finish reading the book by the time Halloween time. Something everyone should know about me is that I let the spooky season bleed over almost until Thanksgiving. I feel like this TV show is going to be the Halloween gift that keeps giving.
  7. Finally, something I like to do around this time is look at my horoscope. I feel like this is the time of year to explore the more non-traditional things in life. Astrology is one of those things that I want to know more about. ‘Tis the season, the spooky season (sorry that was borderline cringy).

If you want to see what I’ve got in store for a Halloween blog special, please follow my blog!

To get in the spooky mood, check out my blog about the time I encountered George Harrison’s ghost at his Liverpool home.

Until next time,

Your Neighborhood Friendly Spook, Julia

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